Moving out check lists

Before moving out the current house, there are a lot of things to do.  Even if you are well organised person but when it’s busy you tend to forget a few things.
I have created a list that helps you to double what you need to do.

Remember to cancel
– Newspaper and/or transfer magazine delivery
-Telephone, internet and cable TV
-Gas, water and electricity ( arrange a final meter reading )

For the house you are going to live…  You need to organize
-Insurance – If the new place is a rental property, you can insure contents only.  If it’s an investment property then “building insurance”.  If you are going to live in a house then you need to insure building and contents insurance.
-Telephone, Internet, Cable TV, Gas, water and electricity
-If you are planning to use a moving company, then it’s better to make a booking

Organisse for moving day
-Obtain supply of boxes ( the supermarket can be one supplier )
-Get Packaging tape and heavy marker pens
-Arrange for furniture removal (get quote, confirm time)
-Arrange care of your children on moving day
-Make suitable arrangements for any pets
-Arrange the transit insurance, home and contents, and fire insurance for your new home
-Organise shifting times with the purchaser of your old property and the previous owner of your new home.

Notify your change of address to
Bank, credit card and charge card companies
-Post office for redirection of mail
-Elections register
-Register of motor vehicles and drivers license
-Tax Department ( IRD )
-Insurance companies (Insurance broker)
-Hire purchase or finance companies
-Investment companies
-Local Council
-Sports clubs that you belong  and/ or organizations
-Friends and relatives
-Magazine subscriptions
-Doctor, Dentist, accountant, Lawyer

Don’t forget
-Clean the stove and defrost the fridge/freezer
-Tidy the yard and/or garden
-Ensure that the chattels that have been sold with the property aren’t accidentally packed
-Disconnect all appliances
-Disconnect the TV aerial
-Return any borrowed items
-Throw out items that you don’t intend taking with you (if those items are good enough then consider bringing to the charity too)
-List Valuable items for special care when moving
-Advise removal company of dangerous goods being moved
-Set aside items you will need on the day of the move so you can take them with you (i.e. food, drinks, cleaning products, toilet paper)
-Pack each room leaving the boxes staked and labelled with the room they are to be moved to.  It is a good idea to write on each box a list of its general content
-Clearly label boxes containing breakables as “Fragile”and identify these items to the removal people
-Pack away plants and cuttings you are taking with you
-Explain your packing procedure to the removal people and be at your new home when they arrive.

Do not
-Overload drawers and make furniture too heavy to shift (it can damage furniture)

It will be very busy on moving day,  so please make sure that you arrange things in advance to have a less stressful day!

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