Eating Too Much! Feeling Heavy!

When I think of food, I get excited!! I love eating and I LOVE food!!! I mean any kind of cuisines.

During the lockdown, I have been eating way more than I normally do and started to feel guilty. Then I remembered to add one item to my meal and I felt great about eating again! – It doesn’t mean you’d lose weight though….
Do you know the which item it would be??

It’s ginger!
I am pretty sure you have been using it for soup, stir fry or grated into dressing etc…
What I am eating is raw ginger😁

When I went to Korea with my husband (he is Korean), we went to an eel place for dinner one night. Eel can be quite heavy eating by itself but the restaurant served with fresh sliced ginger. Eating with lettuce, sauce and fresh ginger made the dish taste perfect and since then I have been using ginger at home some times.
It’s perfect for meat dishes like BBQ, other dishes – just add fresh ginger on top of it. – Even if you eat too much, you don’t feel “heavy” after that.

Ginger has following reasons why it’s good for our health:). – if you are pregnant, small kids then you need to be careful how much you eat, otherwise, it seems safe to eat! Benefit of eating Ginger – I am not here to promote the product or anything like that… It is purely my personal view.

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